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Have you been searching for the most reliable, efficient, and responsive security services Perth? Well, you’ve come to the right people. iSecure is a proudly Australian owned and operated security service provider with operations in Perth, boasting over 30 years of experience in the sector.

At iSecure, we value the importance of fast-responding customer service, cost-efficiency, and diligence across all security solutions and as such, strive to deliver excellence in every aspect of our security services. We continually stay updated with the latest technological innovations in security services Perth, allowing all iSecure clients peace of mind concerning the rising security risks they face today.

In Perth, we’re often unfamiliar with the potential security risks facing our commercial, industrial, and residential premises, given the safe nature of our city and relatively low crime rates compared to other areas across the globe. However, it is essential to be prepared, and able to react in any situation where security is concerned, in order to protect valuables, property and more. Through close, continued interaction with our clients and partners, our team of experts have cultivated accessible and affordable commercial, industrial, and residential security services that surpass previous standards and expectations.

As the leading provider of security services Perth, iSecure is committed to safeguarding local businesses, people, property, and information, delivering fast-acting and reliable security solutions that afford our clients’ unmatched peace of mind. Moreover, we treat our client privacy seriously and go to great lengths in maintaining the strictest level of confidentiality available, a belief that has allowed us to gain the trust of even the highest-level commercial clients in Perth.

Our Services

  • Alert Monitoring Centre
  • iSee Intercom & Access Control System
  • Protect 24×7 Nationwide Coverage
  • Detect Alarm Systems
  • View CCTV Surveillance

Fast Response Time Guaranteed

The Most Reliable, Experienced Security Services Perth

At iSecure, we’re committed to providing the most reliable, responsive, and knowledgeable support necessary to successfully install, manage and supply security services in Perth. When it comes to security, iSecure continues to exceed the standards set within the industry, focusing on innovative, practical solutions that provide peace of mind to all involved.

Providing the best security services Perth locals can trust, iSecure guarantees:

  • Genuine, accessible, and fast-responding client service
  • Affordable, cost-efficient pricing
  • A comprehensive selection of tailored security services
  • Unmatched client privacy
  • A full-service offering, meaning we can service, install, and maintain all security systems
  • Innovative solutions for all security concerns
  • Security industry experience

Our team of experienced security specialists are available to share their extensive knowledge with any new or prospective clients anytime, on a free consultation basis. If you’ve been looking for the best, most reliable provider of security services Perth, call us on 1300 012 029 for a fast, helpful response.

Reliability, experience, innovation, and transparency when it comes to security services in Perth. When you choose iSecure for your security needs, you’ve made the right call, be it for your home or business.

To maintain and improve our status as the leading provider of security services in Perth, we offer an extensive range of complete, effective, and individualised security services to provide reliable solutions that safeguard your premises and all valuables inside. With iSecure, there’s a solution for every problem and everyone.

View CCTV Surveillance

CCTV Surveillance Systems are a proven quantity in the area of security, offering peace of mind by keeping a watchful eye on the premises, without the need for you to be constantly on alert.

Footage can be reviewed on-site, on your mobile phone or even remotely over the internet. This footage can also be viewed live by our monitoring centre, further protecting your property.

Whether you only require an analogue camera solution or prefer a high-resolution IP camera systems, there’s no doubt we have the right, affordable and effective CCTV solution, suited for your needs.

Detect Alarm Systems

Leading the industry in servicing, installing, and maintaining all alarm systems in residential, commercial, and industrial applications, we offer the highest quality alarm systems available in Perth, suiting every client’s budget and security needs.

All of our technicians are trained to the highest level and maintain ongoing certification with the latest systems. We’re skilled in installing some of the most rigorously tested security alarm services available from respected manufacturers.

We have our own Grade A1 ASIAL Certified Monitoring Centre with ISO 9001 Quality Accreditation, meaning we can monitor any alarm system nationwide. We also monitor an extensive range of GPRS/IP reporting platforms for additional security.

iSee Intercom & Access Control System

Our iSee intercom and access control system offers an additional safety measure, protecting your valuables while you’re at home or work. This system allows your chosen premises to monitor visitors to your location prior to them entering.

Our team of security specialists will work alongside you to understand your access control requirements, assess your environment, and provide location suggestions, as well as create a customised system tailored to your specific needs.

Enhanced security, visibility, and convenience, with iSecure’s, ‘iSee Intercom & Access Control System’.

Protect 24x7 Nationwide Coverage

iSecure has our very own network of licensed security officers and patrol vehicles, complemented by our exclusive partnerships with licensed contractors. Together, we’re able to provide all customers with comprehensive and complete security solutions across the country, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our team of security officers are experienced, reliable, and diligent, delivering consistency in their results. When you choose iSecure for your security needs, you’re receiving peace of mind.

Alert Monitoring Centre

We have our own monitoring centre that monitors alarm and CCTV systems nationwide, 24-hours-a-day, 365-days of the year.

Complete with our very own fleet of service and mobile security patrol vehicles, iSecure’s managed security services has been recognised for excellence, initiative, and reliability within the industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Has iSecure Been in the Security Industry For?

iSecure has been operating in the security industry for over 30 years. A proudly Australian owned and operated family business, we’re committed to providing Perth locals with reliable, fast-acting, and efficient security solutions in residential, industrial, or commercial settings.

Does iSecure Install and Maintain Security Systems?

iSecure offers a complete security service, meaning we can install, quote, maintain, and supply Perth security solutions for all purposes. We also supply alarm monitoring from our very own alarm monitoring centre, monitored 24/7 by our staff. If you need anything, make sure to call our customer support team, who are sure to respond straight away. Experience everything a family-owned security business has to offer today!

How Much Does iSecure’s Security Services Perth Cost?

Our security services vary in cost depending on the selected system or mode of security required. Call our team on 1300 012 029 to learn more or receive a free quote!

Are Home Security Systems Effective?

Most estimates suggest that less than a quarter of homeowners have a security system in place, despite the prevalence of burglaries.

Up to 70 per cent of burglaries occur by forcing open a door or breaking a window. Even the most basic security systems will detect this type of activity and report it to the necessary authorities. Furthermore, most burglars will flee if they see a camera or sensor on the property, stopping a burglary before it starts. Also, many modern home security systems allow you to remotely view your property, allowing a high level of peace of mind when you’re away.

Why Should I Install an Alarm System in My Home or Business?

According to local authorities, the presence of CCTV or home security systems reduce the likelihood of crime or burglary taking place at your location. Criminals look for places without alarm systems, as they’re easier to access and offer a lesser chance of being caught. In particular, a monitored security system enhances the physical security of your property, with the added benefit of alerting iSecure to any unwanted intrusions.

In a nutshell, home security systems can:

  • Protect your property and valuables
  • Deter criminal activity
  • Allow remote viewing of your property
  • Reduce worry and stress
  • Notify you of a gas or fire problem
  • Reduce the likelihood of being a target of burglary

What Happens When My Alarm is Triggered?

When a home alarm system is triggered, you will hear a loud siren. If this is a false alarm, or you’ve accidentally triggered it, you need to enter your security PIN into the keypad on the system to stop it. However, if this code is not entered, our monitoring centre will respond instantly, notifying the police, who will travel to your location as soon as possible.

Our monitoring centre will also call you, notifying you of the trigger and confirming whether you’re home or not.

How Often Do My Systems Need to Be Tested?

You should test your home alarm system regularly to ensure that it is working correctly. As part of our service, we will check your security systems for you periodically. Typically, an alarm system should be tested once every year.

If the Power Goes Out, Will My System Stay Online?

In the event that your power goes out, your security system will fall back onto its backup power supply, which typically lasts for several hours.

What Is a Mobile Patrol?

Our mobile patrol vehicles, operated by our licensed officers perform comprehensive checks at various locations during their allocated shifts. Our mobile patrol team also responds to alarm activations, noise complaints as well as requests from clients to act on certain issues. Our security officers can also provide out of hours access to staff or contractors in commercial or industrial settings when the key holder is not available, if necessary.