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It’s difficult to get a good night’s sleep with the constant possibility of becoming a victim of a break-in. There is no one who better understands this fear and the lack of control most Australian homeowners have in such a situation. We know because for over 30 years we’ve been helping protect homes all over Australia.

The iSecure Detect Alarm Systems offer a wide range of security features and facilities, ranging from state-of-the-art motion detectors to our Monitoring Centre offering 24×7 Nationwide Coverage. 

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Keep Unwelcome Guests Out with iSecure Detect Alarm Systems

In the past twelve months alone, there have been over 423,000 break-ins or attempted break-ins in Australia. A lot more if you take unreported cases into account as well. Robbery, home burglary, and home invasions are on an upward trend and it makes sense if do you feel safe in your own home.  

The high rate of crime happening all over the country is enough to make anyone worried or have sleepless nights.  In fact, it is rare to find anyone these days who hasn’t been directly affected by crime or knows someone who has.

You could choose to continue living in fear, talking about the good ole days when you could leave your doors unlocked, confident that nothing would happen.  Or you could choose to be proactive and invest in a home detection and motion detection alarm system.

Why Invest In A Home Security Sensor System?

The high rate of crime happening all over the country is enough to concern most people.  According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2.4% of households (approximately 238,100) experienced a break-in between 2019 and 2020.  75% of those break-ins were a single incident.  Meaning 25% of households that were broken into, had more than one successful break-in.

Another 1.9% of households (approximately 185,800) experienced attempted break-ins during the same period.  27% of those households had repeated attempts.

You deserve to feel safe in your own home.  The iSecure Detect Alarm System will give you peace of mind that your home and loved ones are protected.  Open 24 hours, 7 days a week, our Monitoring Centre keeps an eye on all alarm and CCTV systems nationwide, so you can rest easy.

With our ever-watchful CCTV surveillance systems:

  • footage can be retrieved and reviewed on-site
  • viewed remotely over the internet and even on your mobile phone.
  • the footage is also viewed live by our monitoring centre, giving you a multi-pronged approach to your protection.

Our iSee Intercom and Access Control System allows you to monitor visitors to your premises before they are granted access to your property, ensuring only authorised personnel gain entry.

So why invest in a home security sensor system?  Because your family and your peace of mind deserve it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does A Motion Detector Alarm Do?

A motion detector alarm is an electronic device that uses a sensor to detect nearby people or objects.  When a sensor detects motion, it sends an alert to iSecure Detect Alarm Systems and even to your mobile phone.

With motion detector installation in your house, you are linked to your home, no matter where you are.  From miles away, you can be informed of any attempts to access your home or sensitive areas, such as gun or liquor cabinets.

By tailoring the system to your needs, you can get the protection you want at a price you can afford.

How Do Burglar Alarm System Sensors Work?

Most modern alarm systems use the Passive Infrared Detectors, also known as PIR or Pyroelectric sensors.  They are more reliable than active sensors and can more accurately detect only intruders, avoiding false alarms.

The burglar alarm system sensors work on tracking changes to the passive infrared energy.   They detect infrared energy emitted by humans and animals.  When a sudden increase in temperature is detected, the alarm is triggered.  

Motion detectors emit microwave radio energy that bounces back on the environment and is captured by the sensor. Any change in that low energy flow reveals a movement in the environment and triggers the alarm.

Do Alarm Systems Reduce or Prevent Crime? 

Most home break-ins happen during the day, as stated by the Australian Federal Police and most of the homes that are broken into do not have a security system. In fact, it’s common knowledge that burglars and bad actors will often “scout” houses to look out for security systems. One of the suggested tips to deter a home invasion is to place stickers and signs around your home to warn burglars of an alarm system, dog, or Neighborhood Watch.

By installing a CCTV surveillance system in your house, you make it safer from break-ins than one without one. Criminals don’t want to be watched or recorded and will avoid homes that are able to capture their activity.  If a burglar can’t see an easy way in, they often won’t try.

Will A Home Security Sensor System Protect My Property? 

The vast majority of criminals won’t bother entering your home when they see you have an alarm system in place because it’s simply not worth the risk.  This is why it’s important to place stickers and signs around to let everyone know your home is secure.  

While there are some criminals that might still try, they are often scared off at the sound of the alarm.  With many systems triggering silent alarms, you won’t find too many criminals who are brazen enough to take that risk. 

This means your home and valuables are protected from damage and theft.

And finally, for the criminals who ignore the security signs, a home security sensor system will immediately send notifications concerning the breach at the entry points to your home.

What Are the Types of Detection and Alarm Systems 

There are many options for your home detection and alarm systems.  These systems can also act as a hub for home automation, giving you security, convenience, and in some cases, energy savings benefits.  

There are also systems that detect the breaking of glass – especially useful for shops and houses with large windows.  Whether a burglar is attempting to gain access through a window or baseball accidentally crashes through, a notification will be sent.

Motion detectors are another popular option.  With motion detector installation in your home, you are protected from unwanted visitors, especially when you are away.  These detectors help you see when someone is in your home when they shouldn’t be.

Break-ins often occur through your door or window, there are alarm systems that detect and monitor these critical openings to keep your family and valuables safe. 

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